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Kuchnia Azjatycka

One thing we can safely agree about Asian cuisine is that it is universally relatable. Not everyone watches the same movie or picks the same outfit at a shopping mall. But don’t lie and say that you haven’t visited an Asian Restaurant and tried a plate of savoury-sweet Pad Thai or a hot bowl of Pho.


What makes Asian Cuisine so enticing is the abundance of flavours and styles to choose from. For each country and culture, the same ingredient can produce heavily different results. As the saying goes, “Food is the unique outlet for cultural expression”. But ask yourself, how much do you know about the food served at your local Asian restaurant?


With that being said, let’s take a step back and break down some of the most common traits of Asian cuisine. Enjoy the journey of culinary exploration with us at SWING.


Travel Across Asia

Kuchnia Tajska

Thai Cuisine can satisfy your craving with all the flavors known to humankind: Sour, sweet, salty, bitter and especially the spicy taste that numbs your tongue. Bold will be THE impression when you get a chance to try out this amazing cuisine.

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Kuchnia Chiński

With its huge influence on other Asian countries, Chinese Cuisine not only represents Asian cuisine but is also famous around the world for its richness, diversity, and countless recipes accumulated after thousand years of existence.

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Kuchnia Koreańska

With the popularity of Korean Wave, it is inevitable that Korean Cuisine will become a household favorite. The essence of Korean Cuisine - colorful, vibrant, and mouth watering food that you simply can’t resist!

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Kuchnia Wietnamska

If there is one word to describe Vietnamese food, it is freshness. Vietnamese cuisine added an elegant touch to every dish with the use of raw ingredients and perfect combination of aroma & flavours.

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Kuchnia Japońska

Japanese Cuisine offers diners a sense of sophistication, elegance and lightness that is unmistakable with any other Asian cuisine. Japanese cuisine aims to provide a balance, keeping the freshness of the ingredients but still highlighting the exquisite cooking technique.

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